Our coaching staff is comprised of former great players and great coaches. Their keen and interested in improving their players leads to the fact that our wards constantly improve and achieve great results in domestic and international tournaments. Fitness trainers work on the individual needs of players to achieve the best performance. The masseur and physiotherapist prepare players for the next optimal performance.


Hervé ROMAIN - Training Camp Manager

Coach ElitePro
ITF & TennisEurope
Maitrise de Physique



 Florent ROMAIN - Head Coach

Coach ElitePro
ITF & TennisEurope
Licence de Droit



 Mikael Brisson - Tennis Coach


Coach ElitePro
ITF & TennisEurope
"Never give up!"



 Benjamin Bougamine - Mental Coach

Coach Mental
Maitrise STAPS




Eric Théron - Head Coach

Responsable Etudes
AMT et Licence STAPS
Professeur des écoles
"If the plan does not work, then chase the plan, but not the goal."
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